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Mr Foundation Engineer Customer ReviewsOur 5 Star Rated Reviews for our foundation repair Company offers our customers the best experience they will ever find. Mr. Foundation Engineer offers no pressure & educational advice to Arkansas and Missouri Residents who need a foundation inspection. Our foundation repair Little Rock contractors are always striving to make you feel comfortable. The small crack you see in the wall of the interior or exterior of your home can be the signs of foundation problems.

Our goal is for your foundation inspection to be simple and know there is a foundation repair company that truly cares about what happens to your property either for residential or commercial products we carry. Mr. Foundation Engineer carries over 9 different underpinning pier products from Steel Piers, Concrete Underpinning, Pier and Beam and Crawlspace Repairs, Bell Bottom Piers and many more unique products that will stabilize your foundation problems.

If you find a leak or damp area under your crawlspace it could be a serious problem that will cause foundation cracks to get bigger. Ignoring it will only cost you more money as time goes on. Cracked Slabs under the carpet and flooring go unnoticed because you can’t see them. It is very important when doing a foundation inspection to check all of these areas if you spot cracks in the walls. A leak detection test should be discussed to see if your home is having hidden plumbing problems you do not even know about because you will not always see the water damage until it’s too late and your home’s foundation has started to crack and break.

Did you know if you use the right foundation repair products you can actually increase your home’s value? It is true. Steel piers are not the best to use in Fayetteville and Little Rock if you have cracks in the foundation. Come to Mr. Foundation Engineer to get the best educational advice. We have 5-star reviews! Ask to see our customers reviews! As the Leading Foundation Repair Company in Little Rock, AR, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We will find your perfection solution to any foundation cracks you find. Licensed by the State you can trust our foundation repair contractors. Call 501-353-3745 Mr. Foundation Engineer is the best foundation repair company is Fayetteville, AR and surrounding areas from Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville and Bella Vista for the foundation repair NW Arkansas location. Call 479-689-4302 Affordable prices

As the Leading Foundation Repair Company in Little Rock, AR, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We will find your perfection solution to any foundation cracks you find. Licensed by the State you can trust our foundation repair contractors. Call 501-353-3745 Mr. Foundation Engineer is the best foundation repair company is Fayetteville, AR and surrounding areas from Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville and Bella Vista for the foundation repair NW Arkansas location. Call 479-689-4302 Affordable prices

Mr. Foundation Engineer is the best foundation repair company is Fayetteville, AR and surrounding areas from Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville and Bella Vista for the foundation repair NW Arkansas location. Call 479-689-4302 Affordable prices

Affordable prices is our goal. We always offer you 3 to 5 different foundation repair estimates where other foundation repair companies only offer one. If you want your house leveled or the foundation lifted, foundation cracks repaired and even have questions, call us today. Foundation cracks like you see below can be serious. You can do

Foundation cracks like you see below can be serious. You can do epoxy repair with our foundation repair kits if the problem is not a soil issue. Call us for details. foundation crack, slab crack, concrete cracks, foundation cracks

This depends on what kind of foundation crack you have. If the footing is actually cracked below ground, you need to make sure the foundation repair is a new addition to the home foundation problem and it has a backup. This price starts from $900 to $3,500 for the foundation repair Fayetteville, AR location and the same for the foundation repair Little Rock, AR location.

If you want to deal with a no hassle, low-pressure foundation repair Arkansas Company who is Licensed and Trusted professionals who have any years of experience and are true Geology experts with soil and drainage problems that include french drains and tile drains for basement waterproofing, Mr. Foundation Engineer is the company you can count on!

It is very important to do yearly foundation inspection by a professional so you protect your home from serious repairs in the future. Our trusted professionals here at Mr. Foundation Engineer can determine if the cracks or leaks are turning into a severe structural problem. We even have Structural Engineers and Geo Technical Engineers to aid in the process if needed for solid educational information we provide to our customers.

Our history starts back over 50 Years ago with the Founders grandfather of Mr. Foundation Engineer teaching him the building industry and the correct ways foundations should be designed.

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Choose Mr Foundation Engineer for Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs in Little Rock

  1. Expert Experience.  Decades of history and working nationwide as well as travels in Asia has shown us all kinds of foundation and waterproofing problems that no other company can match with our knowledge.
  2. No high-pressure sales people.  We believe in treating customers the way we would want to be treated because this can be a stressful time for you when a foundation problem happens. We have been in your shoes and have the answers.
  3. We never ask for one single penny upfront!  Most companies try and get you to give them a deposit or half down saying it is for the materials. The truth is, they are trying to lock you in and any company who needs money for materials shouldn’t be doing business if they can’t afford to buy the products they need to fix your problem!
  4.  Our SuperJack System is the best in the industry. We have over 9 different pier technologies for residential and commercial applications. When you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s, do you want just one choice of light bulbs, dishwashers, refrigerators or other things your home needs? No, you want choices and you should deal with a company that offers more than a minimum of 4 different foundation pier types because each problem and soil problem is different.
  5.  Mr. Foundation Engineer professionals do not tell the customer we will push the pier to bedrock. The oldest scam in the foundation repair industry is to tell the customer they are going to bedrock, when in fact, they have taken no soil samples from your property, done no core drilling into the ground to even determine if they are hitting rock, shale, hard pan clay or what is below the ground because they can’t see below your home foundation passed the dirt. Our foundation repair Ft. Smith location can also offer Structural Engineer and GEO Technical Engineers if you need them.
  6.  Most foundation repair Little Rock companies will push a steel pier that is only 3 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter down in the ground up against your foundation causing it to pivot and raise in places it is not supposed to and cause even more damage they can’t see because your footing is one pier around your home and is not meant to be pushed on unless done correctly and spread out the entire length of the wall. Concrete piers are sometimes good depending on the types of soil and if the foundation is actually cracked. You will even find foundation repair Fayetteville companies pushing steel piers. Our SuperJack Pier is a design we have perfected made out of concrete, rebar and steel that will last a hundred years or more and does not put a strain load by pushing electric hydraulic machines against your home causing even more damage.

Different types of Piers

diagram showing that superjack piers ar superior to others used in the foundation repair industry

The image you see above is some types of piers. To the left is your concrete piling. This pier is typically 6 inches in diameter and does not offer much support under a foundation footing if it is 18 inches to 24 inches thick when you spread the piers out 4 to 8 feet. It can possibly cause foundation cracks down the road because of no support under the voids of your foundation that was not given pier support because as they push the pier in the ground it pushes pressure up on the home raising it and leaving a void of soil underneath for nothing to sit on except the pier. The steel pier common in Arkansas and Missouri can do the same thing. The bad news with a steel pier is, it is only 3 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter and when you think about it, why would you want all that weight of your foundation sitting on something only 3.5 inches wide? It can cause major stress cracks in your foundation using these piers in some instances and our engineers caution homeowners to be very careful when considering this type of pier system without checking the entire footing under ground to make sure there are no cracks. this means excavating the entire length of your wall or walls where you found cracks.

Foundation Cracks and Getting The Help You Need

foundation crack found on a brick home

How to repair a cracked foundation? Our professionals can tell you within a few minutes the answers you want. We do not just give you a price and say this will fix the foundation problem. We want to find the underlying issue that did it in the first place. How much does it cost for foundation repair? The average repair bill can range from $700 to $35,000 depending on square footage, water drainage problems, leak problems in plumbing, foundation problems you can’t see with the eye because it is below the ground and most importantly, the contraction of the soil. Do I need a foundation inspection? Yes. Every homeowner should have the home inspected on a yearly basis by a licensed foundation repair firm to keep yearly updates and records on the property.

Basement Waterproofing Nightmares

basement waterproofing can keep your basement from flooding

Wet basement or a damp craw lspace area? Do you have cracks in the basement walls? Mr. Foundation Engineer can provide you with our unique tile drain system from Beaver B Gone Dry Basement Systems. It is technology that goes along your basement walls with a tile drain and sump pump system that will carry the water far away from your home foundation making sure cracks and leaky basements are a memory gone for a dry home. Mold and mildew is one of the biggest health risks with basements that leak. It can travel up in the walls once black molds starts to grow. At this point your home becomes very dangerous to live in. Get the answers you want by call our professional. We offer many products from epoxy crack injections, french drains, wall braces, wall anchors, exterior wall waterproofing, root barriers, basement wall shields and slab repair with injection mud jacking.

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Crawl Space Problems Can Make Your Floors and Walls Move and Crack

pictures of what crawl space repair can do for your home

Encapsulation Liners and new pier and beam supports when you have a pier and beam foundation problem will add value to your home and make the air your breath healthier. Studies show when this is done, the air quality in your home improves because the musky and mold coming from the ground is now trapped under the liner while a dehumidifier helps control the temperature under the home and preserving the wood to last longer and helping with termite problems. Call our office to a free price. We can typically give you this over the telephone once we have some pictures and square footage of your home in 15 minutes or less.

Get A Free Estimate Today for Little Rock Foundation Repair, Fayetteville Foundation Repair and Kansas City Foundation Repair in 15 Minutes or Less the Same Day When You Call One Of Our Service Locations. Call 501-353-3745 about basement waterproofing and foundation repair solutions in Little Rock, AR Call 479-689-4302 about basement waterproofing and foundation repair solutions in Fayetteville, AR Call 816-841-3390 about basement waterproofing and foundation repair solutions in Kansas City, MO

Mr Foundation Engineer Has Service Locations in Little Rock, Arkansas and Fayetteville, Arkansas and Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding towns. Our team provides foundation repair and waterproofing services to Little Rock, Northern Little Rock, Searcy, Cabot, Batesville, Heber Springs, Hot Springs, Russellville, Conway, Benton, Bryant, Pine Bluff, White Hall, Malvern, Hope, Texarkana, El Dorado, Magnolia, Camden, McGehee, Stuttgart, Dewitt, Dumas, Jacksonville, Arkadelphia, Sherwood, Monticello, Fort Smith, Clarksville, Van Buren, Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, Springdale, Prairie Grove, Bella Vista and surrounding areas. Searching by zip code you can use these locations. 72201, 72023, 72015, 71730, 72209, 72022, 71654, 71909, 72903, 72076, 72019, 72802, 71602, 71603, 71701, 71801, 71854, 72034, 72116, 72120, 72204, 72205, 72202, 71854 and 72211.

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