Our Story

Our company Mr. Foundation Engineer handles all foundation inspections and foundation repairs in both commercial and residential. It is a division of Mr. PowerSlab Engineering that does structural and civil engineer consulting. We are a friendly, no pressure type of company who never calls the customer back asking do you want to do business with us as a pushy salesman. Once you meet us, you will want to be the one calling our experts back getting the best advice for your project.

We are growing and currently licensing locations nationwide and globally.
Licensed by the State Contractors board in our corporate State location and handle all repairs, engineering and concrete work in the building industry. We believe in running a different company treating customers the way we would want to be treated with respect and giving you education on all your options on the market when you find a possible foundation problem or need a trusted engineer and want someone to give you the best answers.

Our founder has traveled from the United States clear to Hong Kong and seen all the possible issues with foundation problems that is caused by water flooding, drainage issues, expansive clay, soil settlement and problems with construction projects being built vertically because of lack of real estate on the water in Hong Kong that gives us knowledge you will not get with any other company.

We are truly the best and we don’t just say that to float our own boat, the fact we do not ask for one single penny up-front and do not get paid until you have seen the final job done is proof in its own, we are 110% confident, we are the best, otherwise we wouldn’t get paid. We pick and choose our customers carefully and do not take every job presented because, we want to make sure we can truly do you, the client the best service. We are also smart enough to know, if we are thrown a loop at times and don’t have the answer, we will find it turning over every single stone until we do have the iron clad answer before we tell you something we are not 110% positively sure of.

We both know engineers are a dime a dozen but, in our case, we don’t just let any engineer work on our projects, we have the BEST. Lets face it, most engineers sit behind a computer all day putting together math problems thinking because the math looks right, it must be right! That is not always the case in soil problems and foundation problems. You have OPTIONS with our firm. Options are good and each soil climate will take a different type of pier. Ask the engineer who did your foundation report if they have ever actually dug the hole the pier goes in and I bet you will get a no answer. Do you really want them recommending just one type of repair or project solution? Do you go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and just have one choice of Refrigerators, washers, dryers, air conditioners or light bulbs? No. You have choices and should do business with a company that offers all solutions of 5 or more pier products on budget and on time.

We take pride in NEVER ASKING for one single penny up-front in our residential division like most other companys. In fact, our founder of this great company was taught the business over 35 years ago by his grandfather and always tells customers do not ever give a contractor any money up-front because a reputable company does not need to ask for any deposits if they are truly sure of their operation. Usually, when they ask for money up-front, they are simply trying to lock you into a yes I will hire you so you can’t back out. That is not good business.

Our commercial division is run to a perfection giving our customers worldwide peace of mind it is their money and they want the best and a budget friendly firm who believes in remembering we spend the money like it came out of our own pockets.

Each office may be owned by separate franchise licensee’s but our Founder always signed off on every job and you can talk to him personally if you like. He truly has the knowledge and enjoys this industry. Having been able to travel across the world getting knowledge others locally just don’t have.

Something you may enjoy reading, home inspectors, realtors, builders, engineers and other foundation repair company’s actually call us asking for advice because of our advanced knowledge in this industry. That says a lot.

For residential customers, the one thing we always hear from a customer is, the company said they would drive the pier to bedrock. Unless a company does core drill soil test on your ground, they do not know exactly what they are hitting below. It could be hard clay pan, shale or other stuff they can’t see with the naked eye because unless you drill down 5, 10, 15 and even 40 feet below the ground, you are simply guessing. Do not let a company sell you on the idea your foundation will be solid now with the piers, what they do not tell you by doing this, the piers will fail usually and need adjustment which means tearing up your yard again many times in the future.

We have over 15 different pier systems on the market more than any other company out there. You deserve to deal with a company that offers different pier products because every foundation problem or cracked wall has a different fix requirement because of soil and exactly what caused it.

In Northwest Arkansas,  Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale and Bella Vista we have service locations

Fort Smith and Van Buren is our second service locations.

Little Rock and El Dorado locations service customers. We are your local neighbors and take great pride in putting our customers first. We have built our name on never asking for any money up-front and not getting paid until the customer is happy! We have a full structural engineer department and handle foundation repair on the outside of the home and to crawlspace repair under the home.

Our Kansas City location services the entire Missouri and Kansas region including Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe, Lee’s Summit,  Blue Springs and all of KC.

We have one service location in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Commercial and Residential is our specialty.

We have over 15 different types of repair solution products to choose from, more than any other company in the USA and would very much enjoy you getting to know us.

  • Call 501-353-3745  Little Rock down to El dorado
  • Call 479-689-4302  Northwest Arkansas & Fort Smith
  • Call 816-841-3390  Kansas City Metro
  • For International Service Call 1.479.689.4302

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