Basement Waterproofing

Leaking basement? Cracks in walls? Water coming through cinder blocks?

Leaking basement? Cracks in walls? Water coming through cinder blocks?

What exactly causes basement flooding and how can I prevent it?

Most contractors really do not understand the forces at work with water.  Did you know where you see water coming in one place that usually is not the problem area of the actual leak and we have seen it as far away as 30 feet or more! The homeowner always says, it usually does it worse when it rains and we simply say, the soil acts like a sponge. That sponge is not getting any sunlight to it and when the sponge gets full, the water will have no place to go except starting to move called hydro static pressure.

What is hydro static pressure?

Hydro Static pressure is when water can’t escape and starts to push on your cement floor under your carpet, tile, or hardwood causing cracks that will allow the water to push up. As that crack grows, the water moves and heads up towards the walls and many times you will see the the cinder blocks sart to bow and crack and showing dampness.

What can I do to repair a leaky basement?

You have many options. One option is dry lock in the paint department at your local hardware store. The problem is that once you seal that crack, the water really has no other place to go now from that crack so what do you think will happen? It will build up and build up and slowly start to find new places in time causing more hydro static pressure to build and now you have more problems and walls that are bowing and tipping and floors that are sinking!

What is the best repair for a wet basement repair?


We have 5 different technologies for you to choose from and offer a free brochure on how to repair wet basements and save money.

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