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Mr. Foundation Engineer wants you to know when you contact us, we treat you like family. You are not just a person we want to sell you something here in the Northwest Arkansas for foundation repair problems. Our goal is to educate you and tell you what many options you have in foundation repair Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Did you know with foundation cracks our company offers over 9 different technologies which happens to be more than any other company in the United States. We mention many times we never ask for one single penny up front because we are proud letting you know we are the most trusted and reputable foundation contractor around.

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How to repair a foundation crack?

Many customers ask us all the time, do steel piers repair a foundation? Yes and no. Depending on what type of structure and if your foundation is already cracked will determine what type of underpinning or foundation support you need. You can do epoxy repair in the cracks, foundation lifting of the area with piers and even have the foundation contractor adjust the foundation problem by house leveling with concrete support piers.

How much does foundation repair cost?

Depending on the type of cracks and problems you see, it can range from $700 to $45,000

What is a foundation inspection?

Foundation Inspections if done properly can tell many stories. The problem is when you have a foundation inspection done by a salesperson they usually do not understand geology and make claims about how the company will drive the pier to bedrock when in fact they have not done any soil sample testing to determine what and where the bedrock is. The oldest scam in the book for foundation repair is telling you the customer they are going to bedrock when in fact they may be hitting shale that will break up over time, hard pan clay or even rock that is brittle.  You rarely want your home if in a fault line sitting on rock because it can move due to high pressure and heat in the earth below.

Is concrete raising good for a home foundation?

If you raise a foundation or put pressure on the outside footing that is involved in foundation lifting it can sometimes cause cracks and pressure points in the concrete footing and when that footing splits, your home is no longer on solid ground when you thought you were doing some foundation repair. It is very important to get the facts and make sure the geology is known 100%.

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