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There is only one company in the area that offers the SuperJack Pier System for your foundation problem and it is Mr. Foundation Engineer! They don’t rust like steel piers and have a lifespan of 100 PLUS Years!


Mr. Foundation Engineer has the best pier system on the market we invented call the SuperJack Pier Stabilization System on the market as well as over 15 different other pier technologies we utilize in finding the best repair method for both residential and commercial foundation problems.

Nobody, and we mean no other company out there offers the kind of foundation stabilization Mr. Foundation Engineer does!

Most companies in the area only offer a steel pier system and tell the customer they will be going to bedrock pushing the pier when in fact, they do not know exactly what they hit in the ground because they did not do any core drill soil testing. This is a concern homeowners should be concerned about when the salesman or estimator talks to you because they do not have eyes in the ground and do not know exactly what the pier hit. It may be shale, hard pan clay or other material. Soil must be analyzed if you make claims to a customer how deep a pier is going and what type of pier is needed. Most steel piers we have had to replace from other companies show a lot of rust from moisture in the ground and show failure. We have many pictures we can show you when we do your foundation inspection that will really make you concerned about a steel pier system.

If you are shopping for a range or washer and dryer, don’t you want to look at your choices?

That is what we offer we educate customers on all the pier systems out there and what is best for a good stabilization. We have over 15 different systems which many of them, we custom design to fit the problem because each foundation inspection is going to require a different repair due to drainage problems, soil, rock, locations in the town or city and many other issues that caused the problem in the first place.

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You can trust our experts we will give you different repair options that really work.

You can trust our experts we will give you different repair options that really work.