Foundation Repair Little Rock, AR

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Foundation Repair Little Rock Arkansas

How much does foundation repair cost in Little Rock?

Foundation Repair Little Rock AR

Homeowners spend from $700 to $35,000 or more on foundation problems when they find cracks that need to be repaired. A foundation inspection is needed once a year on your home just like you would in a termite inspection. Foundation problems can be worse then termites because the foundation is below ground and when the concrete starts to crack, if not repaired properly you have to excavate the entire ground under your home and this can lead into $75,000 or more.

Simple inspections can save you money.

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What causes foundation cracks?

Typically it is caused by several things from drainage problems, down spouts from your gutters that drop water directly on the foundation and poor construction standards.

We do see foundation problems when you have soil contraction when the ground is dry or wet and starts to contact and move.

Do the foundation repair kits work?

No. The foundation repair kits from your local hardware store is a cover up for the walls and does not address the foundation moving.

Do I need a Structural Engineer or Geo Technical Engineer to give me a foundation report?

We always tell our customers, it is good to have a second opinion instead of just from a sales person from a foundation repair company trying to sell you some underpinnings or steel piers whether you have a cracked slab, need some concrete raising or your foundation has cracked because you can’t see that below the dirt level. Most sales people will try to analyze the the problem without ever knowing if your footing that basically holds up your home is cracked and if you put the wrong pier under that crack, you can twist your home out of shape and cause the crack to get even bigger. The good news is, if you need a Engineer we offer it for the first 15 minutes consultation free.

Do I need to find a company that offers different house leveling and foundation raising pier technologies?

Yes! It is important to do business with a foundation repair contractor who has 5 or more pier technologies. The reason is each problem and soil condition requires a different solution. If you just deal with a company who offers a steel pier, those piers are usually only 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter and if your footing is 18 inches to 24 inches wide, do you really just a tiny piece of steel holding up your entire home? When we have a customer who needs a foundation inspection and they need foundation repair in Little Rock, Hot Springs, Cabot, Conway, North Little Rock, El Dorado and other areas, we always offer them 9 different products to choose from with price options. Call our Foundation Repair Little Rock, Arkansas office at 501-353-3745 to get some free information from our friendly staff.

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